Why It’s All About Attitude

One valuable lesson I’ve learned is that nothing in life is wasted if I view it as a lesson learned.

I now understand that every step I took, whether forward or backward, was necessary to prepare me to recognize and receive whatever gift was being given to me at the time.

I needed every experience to help me grow. And I mean every single experience: the good and the bad, the successes and the failures, the pain and the glory.

It’s not the bad neighborhood you grew up in that led you on the wrong path. It’s not the teacher who shunned your artistic talents or the parent who suggested you weren’t good enough that caused you to become stagnant.

It’s about making the mental shift in attitude that will allow you to power through whatever life throws at you.

I’m in no way trying to trivialize life’s tribulations. Let’s face it; some of us have a great deal of pain to deal with.

However, it is essential for your well-being that you understand that circumstances, events or situations are not the final word on your quality of life, no matter the severity.

It’s how you respond to them and the fear and other negative emotions they elicit that make the difference.

And more than anything, it’s about making the mental shift in attitude that will allow you to power through whatever life throws at you.

In fact, it’s all about attitude. It’s always been about attitude. And always will be about attitude.

Have a positive attitude.!

The kind that no matter the severity of the situation, you not only bounce back, but you thrive with steadfast determination and confidence that defy the odds against you.

Live on your own terms. Defy the odds , always bounce back and have resilience.!

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