A Minor Change

We all resolve to get certain things done every now and then, mostly whilst entering a new year. We plan on changing major aspects of our character or lifestyle.

I don’t know what your new year resolutions are this year, but here are a few things you can do differently in the new year:


I don’t need to tell you why, or do I? 😅

Make reading a priority as you do anything else, an hour a day isn’t bad.

There are also audio reading apps available like Audible and Blinkist that can help make reading easier.

Save/Invest wisely.

Saving is always a good idea, same with investment, our earnings don’t always allow us to save nor invest much but once you can put a little away, you are contributing to your future.

Pursue knowledge & experiences, not possessions.

One who possesses knowledge has power. Invest in acquiring knowledge and skills once you get a chance, and, not just classroom knowledge.

It has been proven that people who travel most, live a happier life. How about you spend a little more gathering experiences?

Start with your immediate surroundings, take culture trips, volunteer with projects you are passionate about etc

Try new things and make your life a little exciting.

Make a conscious effort to get these and more done and watch your life change.

Happy new year!! 💓

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