Budget Friendly Resorts In Ghana

Need a vacay on a budget? 😃

Here is list of budget friendly resorts in Ghana with websites attached you will find useful.


Ahanta Eco- lodge

Location: Busua, Western Region

Dorm Room Cost: GH₵85 (includes breakfast) per person

Private rooms : GH₵100-300

Why I Love it;

Free Wifi, Great food, Lots of activties around (surf,swim, tour,read) and Amazing staff.

Visit http://www.ahantawaves.com for more


The Green Ranch

Location: Lake Bosomtwe, Kumasi

Dorm cabin: Ghc 45

Private room: Ghc 100-200

Why I love it;

Horse Riding Lessons, Delicious vegetarian only food, No plastic, free water from underground spring & Lake view.

Visit http://www.Greenranchlakebosomtwe.com


Meet Me There Ghana

Location: Dzita, Volta Region

Dorm room (x4 Beds): Gh₵40/50

Private Rooms: GH₵90-230

Why I love it ;

Food is so good, Easy to get to from Ada via boat, Beautiful space and Tourist attractions close by

Visit http://www.ghanameetmethere.com


Escape 3 Points Ecolodge

Location: Cape 3 points, Western Region

Dorm (x5 bunk beds)

Private Rooms made from recycled wood and materials.

Why I love it ;

Taste of the simple life

Amazing food

Light house

Staff are very helpful

visit http://www.escape3points.com


Stumble Inn Eco lodge

Location: Elmina, Central Region

Dorm Rooms : Ghc 20

Private rooms: GH₵70 – 200

Why I love it;

I adore the staff

Its pretty easy to find

Close to tourist attractions

Lots to do on and around the premises

Find them on Facebook “Stumble Inn”


Kosa Beach Resort

Kosa Beach Resort is one of the finest in central Ghana. Located in Ampenyin less than 30 minutes drive from the Cape Coast Slave Castle

Visit https://www.ko-sa.com/ for more information


Akwidaa Inn

Akwidaa is a fishing village in Ahanta West district. Akwidaa inn, A beautiful place with beach front has such a serene atmosphere.

Visit http://www.akwidaainn.com


Ezile Bay

Also located in Akwidaa is Ezile Bay. Another one of the finest budget friendly beach front resort in Western Ghana.

Visit http://www.ezilebay.com for more information


Aborigines Beach Resort, Keta, Volta Ghana. Keta has some of the cleanest beaches in Ghana.

Contact: 0540272600


Lemon Beach Resort

Lemon beach resort in Elmina is truly stunning! Perfect getaway and only a short distance from Accra city.

Happy travels!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Content + Photo Credits to @akosuashirley on Instagram and Twitter.

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13 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Resorts In Ghana

  1. Good work in opening our eyes to our Ghana. Amazingly, it won’t take an arm and a leg to experience such wonderful place. All thanks to you shining the light. Keep up the good work 🎈🍾

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      1. Hello dear. Hope you are good. Please I need a trip package for 2 people. Can I get it.


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