Fun Things To Do In Accra On A Budget

New in the city? Here are a few interesting activities to do in Accra on a budget.

Before you proceed to the fun activities, Click here for a detailed technology guide by TechNova

Accra Day Tour

Looking to explore the city? Book this day tour & experience all things Accra + several unlisted hidden gems with me at Ewm Tours

Itinerary Includes:

Black Star Square, Black Star Gate,
Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park
Accra Art Center, Jamestown Lighthouse, National Museum, W. E. B Dubious Center, etc.

WhatsApp: +233 202 224 211 or email

Museum of Science & Technology

🗺️ Google Map

Contact: +233 302 221 633/35

Gallery 1957

Art gallery in Accra.

Visit: for more

🗺️ Google Map

Contact: +233 303 967 575

A1 Raceway

Visit: for more

🗺️ Google Map

📞 +233556577807

Legon Botanical Gardens

🗺️ Google Map

Contact: +233 262 366 167

Achimota Golf Club

🗺️ Google Map

Contact +233 544 100 052

Juvenile Boxing, Jamestown

🗺️ Google Map

(only Sundays after 3pm)

National Theatre of Ghana

🗺️ Google Map

Contact +233 302 663 449

Ps. Call for play listings

Dubois Centre for Panafrican Culture

🗺️ Google Map

Contact: +233 302 776 502

Other Activities Close To The City:

Aburi Gardens

Aburi Gardens is a must-visit. Not much to do in there lately but, a couple of hours’ stroll away from the city does the soul some good.

Visit just before sundown. Driving back down from the mountains watching the sunset is a welcoming sight!

ATV Aburi

Quad Biking Adventures 1 hour away from the city.

Contact: +233 543 839 921

🗺️ Google Map

Atv Aburi

Lot of Credit to @AccraWeDey on Twitter


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