Group Getaway Spots Outside Ghana

I am all about solo travel but going on a vacation with the right travel clan can be a thrilling adventure! 💃🏾

Here’s a list of group getaway spots just outside Ghana you can visit with your friends.

Nature Luxury Lodge, Ouidah Benin.

The nature luxury lodge in Ouidah, Benin is perfect for a budget-friendly group getaway. Ghanaians can do this trip overland.

Travel from Accra to Benin via Intercity STC, and use taxis to Ouidah. It’s safe and comfortable. This lodge can host up to 6 guests, it is serene, secluded, and perfect!

Book this home via here

Villa Regine Beach House

This beach house in Assinie, Ivory Coast looks so good!

Can be equally traveled overland via Intercity STC. This home can host up to 8 guests and fairly budget-friendly.

Book via here

Big Villa House, Lomé

This cozy Airbnb home has a great pool, spacious & comfortable rooms, kitchen facilities, hall area, reasonably priced & Kevin is a great host.

Riverside Resort, Assinie

Every resort and beach house in Assinie is a grab! It’s the perfect destination for a vacation.

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Happy travels!

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