A Slice Of Western Ghana


Butre is a small fishing village in the Ahanta West District in the Western Region of Ghana.

The village has a long coast and beautiful beaches along its coast

Butre has a relatively narrow beach with waves and currents that can be a little tricky.

The water gets deep quickly. The beach is definitely stunning, and it is kept clean by the resorts on the beach.

Butre beach is one of the cleanest in Ghana.

The beach is serene and perfect if you feel like an escaping from the city and everything else.

Also located in Butre is Fort Batenstien.

Fort Batenstien was a fort and a trading post established by the the Dutch on the Gold Coast in 1656.

The fort was ceded with the entire Dutch Gold Coast to Britain in 1872.

At this fort, the Treaty of Butre was signed on 27 August 1656 between the Dutch and the Ahanta

(Photo Credit: Yaw Pare Images)


Butre offers several excellent lodges with good restaurants and serene beach front. My favorites include Fanta’s Folly and Hideout Lodge.

Hideout Lodge

Hideout lodge is a decent serene lodge. It’s beach front wooden deck gives you one of the most romantic and stunning settings for you to enjoy your meal or to be hypnotized by the rolling waves.

There are good quality dorm rooms with shared facilities and self-contained bungalows for couples and families.

Hideout Lodge is also a few meters from Butre Village, so you get both the tranquility of the beach and a little village life here.

Next door there is a little locally owned bar, if you fancy another option.

To reach the village, walk along the beach and cross a wooden bridge with a river running below.

Fanta’s Folly

The lodge is well maintained and the French/Ghanaian menu is good albeit the selection is limited.

Fanta’s Folly has 12 ensuite chalets, most of them with sea views. The entire lodge is decorated with African art.

In season (usually September to March) sea turtles lay eggs on the beach.

Both lodges have turtle conservation programs where eggs are protected from predators, dogs, and people.

Getting There

Butre is about 40 km (25 mi.) from Takoradi and 10 km (7 mi.) away from the smaller Agona. From Agona you can take a tro-tro to Butre Village.

You will most likely have to walk from the village center along the beach to reach your accommodation.

Alternatively, take a taxi from Takoradi or Agona or drive your own car following the signs.

If you are staying in Busua, you can walk 45 min to reach Butre village.

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