5 Days In Sao Tome

Firstly, Sao Tome is stunning!

From the turquoise beaches to the waterfall cafes to the picturesque city. Everything I heard about this Central African island prior to my visit is true — and then some 😍

Praia Cafe

Watch all the breathtaking videos here!

Traveling Here;

Sao Tome & Principe is unfortunately NOT visa-free for Ghanaian passport holders and the e-visa application process which should have been straightforward was tedious.

To get a visa on arrival you must first apply for the e-visa authorization letter online on the São Tome Immigration Website BUT this only seemed to work when applied through individual tour agencies in Sao Tome. Yup 👎🏾

After my direct application didn’t get approved for weeks, I used an agency and received authorization in days. Sigh

The total fee ranges from €30 – €100 depending on the agency used. I can assist with agency options when requested via info@maajoa.com

Accommodation In Sao Tome

1. Kenito Hotel

I stayed at the cozy Hotel Kenito for a few days on the island. They had decent rooms with all the facilities working perfectly. The hotel was located in a great neighborhood, they served delicious breakfast at a fee, and provided free airport pick-up services.

The English-speaking hotel owner Mr. Kenito was my hero during my stay after realizing the receptionist and the entire service staff did not speak any English at all.

Sao Tome is a predominantly Portuguese-speaking country and I knew this was the case before visiting. I however hoped to survive roaming the city with a translation app. Plus, I secretly found it adventurous 😂

Mr. Kenito helped translate most things, helped change currency, and arranged an English-speaking guide for all my tours. Such an excellent host!

My room was $53 per night and it overlooked their beautiful pool. Book them via HERE

2. Eden Valley Lodge

I love unique stays so I booked the “luxury” glamping tent for $61 at Eden Valley Eco-Lodge. The lodge also had a waterfall on the property that I was dying to see.

Well, the facilities & services turned out rather disappointing, unfortunately. The owner made an effort to rectify some of the issues on the go & I do hope their service improves in the future.

The home is aesthetically pleasing, but the overall service is 6/10 and that’s me being generous. A perfect example of WKHKYD? 🤣

Look them up on Airbnb or Google (I refuse to post a link 😩)

Touring Sao Tome

Now, the fun part! I started my island tours with the southern tours as suggested by my guide. I booked a 2-day package at €200 approximately with a great tour guide called Joel.

The customized itinerary included both the Northern & Southern tours.

The sites I visited in the south included;

  • Cascata Mioba
  • Roca Agua Ize
  • Boca do Inferno
  • Pico Cao Grande
  • Rolas Island
  • The equator

Plus a lot of lovely Praia’s (beaches) along the way

On the northern tour of the island, I spent time at the lovely Lagoa Azul, (blue lagoon) and I am so glad I did, this was the highlight of my trip 😍

I also,

  • Visited the Santa Catarina Tunnel (I truly didn’t see the point of that long drive 🫠)
  • Had lunch at Neves, the famous crab-eating place, and I loved it. I left still feeling hungry tho 😂
  • We also made more beach stops and I requested that we skipped all the plantation/slave-related attractions (if you’ve followed my socials for a while, you know why)

Contact Joel via +239 996 6012. A truly wonderful guide ❤️

Budget & More

I booked my ticket via the Tap Air Portugal website directly for €350 which was quite pricey for a 2hr flight but, Tap Portugal is the only airline from Accra to Sao Tome currently so you know how that goes 🫠

For meals, I did check out most of the cafes on the island but ended up only eating at one restaurant throughout my stay — simply because it was the only one that had an English-speaking owner 😂

Restaurant Onda Azul had a lovely open space, and terrific food ranging from €7 to €12. Did I mention it overlooks the ocean? The view at night was especially dreamy ✨— Check them out on Instagram

Onda Azul Restaurant

The official Sao Tomean currency is called Dobra, Euros are however wildly accepted everywhere on the island.

I was warned that were NO VISA ATMs on the island (NONE AT ALL) so I traveled with enough cash. I did not want to find out the hard way! 🤣

My all-around budget for this 5-day trip was €1,100 including return flights and meals.

Sao Tome island is beautiful and small, and I loved how everyone seems to keep to themselves here.

Ps. I will host a group trip to this lovely island soon but in the meantime, check out my upcoming Kenya and Zanzibar group trips on my tour page ❤️

As always, happy travels!

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