Welcome to my world. Explore different cultures, traditions, and stunning landscapes with me on my solo travel adventures.


Hi, I’m Maajoa.

An award-winning accessory designer at Asabea Ayisi and freelance writer.

When I’m not creating unique pieces at Asabea Ayisi, I solo backpack around the world and curate exciting group tours and experiences at EWM Tours

Tour Services

From mountain climbing to exciting Safaris to historic castles, I don’t only offer budget-friendly group tours at EWM Tours, I offer memorable experiences too.

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Episode 1 – By All Means Go The Solo Backpacker

Welcome to my podcast! This first episode captures my very first solo travel adventures. Stick around!

Love Travelling Blog

Travel diaries providing inspiration for planning the perfect trip


Technical Side Of Every Event

Travel with Kay

building a better Travel and a better Me

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