How To Take Stunning Photos Whiles Traveling Solo

Traveling solo is fun and liberating! Getting great photos, however can be frustrating.

Here are some of my tips on taking epic photos on your solo travel adventures.

1. Use the “countdown timer” feature on your mobile phone camera.

At this point, anything the phone can lean on is fair game. A beer bottle, leaning against a chair, a rock, etc.

This allows you to do all your awkward poses undisturbed!

2. Get a potable tripod device.

Most of these devices can fit into your travel pouch making it easy to carry.

Most of these devices use Bluetooth remote control which makes it all easier. You could still use a countdown timer whiles using the tripod.

I got mine (attached below) from Kikuu Online

Compared to the regular tripod, this type is flexible, potable, and can be attached to different surfaces.


Flexible Tripod
Regular Tripod

3. Anyone within your reach becomes a photographer! 🤷🏾‍♀️

Be it the sexy bar guy, other travelers at the same destination, tour guides, locals, etc.

Anyone willing to take a picture, mostly in exchange for you taking theirs is fair game!

Always ask. People are willing.

Finally, it’s Ok to take just selfies, focus on the experience, and capturing your surroundings.

I love taking destination photos without necessarily being in them. Those can fetch you decent money on stock photos!

Happy travels!

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