Selah Beach House – An Intimate Escape

Family vacations? Intimate group trips? Birthday Parties? Destination weddings? Selah Beach House is perfect. This beautiful 2-bedroom beach house I currently manage is located in Gomoa Nyanyano in the Central Region of Ghana. We are a 40-minute drive from the West Hills Mall in Accra. Our space is intimate, calm and close enough to theContinue reading “Selah Beach House – An Intimate Escape”

Tenack Beach Resort – A Western Escape

Tenack Beach Resort is located in Beyin, WR a few minutes drive from Nzulezu and Fort Appolonia. They are roughly 2-hours from Takoradi and a 7-hour drive from Accra. ACCOMMODATION The resort has 20+ en-suite rooms starting from Ghc 310 for a standard room to Ghc 650 for the executive family rooms. My favourite isContinue reading “Tenack Beach Resort – A Western Escape”

Meet Me There African Home Lodge – The Best Eco Lodge In Ghana

Need a Solo Staycation? Honeymoon on a budget? Then Meet Me There African Home Lodge which is currently my favorite eco-friendly lodge in Ghana, is perfect! Driving If you are driving, the resort is easy to find on Google maps. Set your destination to Meet Me There African Home, Dzita. Travel hrs from Accra isContinue reading “Meet Me There African Home Lodge – The Best Eco Lodge In Ghana”

Fun Things To Do In Accra On A Budget

New in the city? Here are a few interesting activities to do in Accra on a budget. Before you proceed to the fun activities, Click here for a detailed technology guide by TechNova Accra Day Tour Looking to explore the city? Book this day tour & experience all things Accra + several unlisted hidden gemsContinue reading “Fun Things To Do In Accra On A Budget”

Highbridge Guest Lodge – A Gem In The City

Highbridge Guest Lodge is located in East Legon, Accra. Approximately 15 minute drive from the Kotoka International Airport and a 5-minute drive from The University of Professional Studies in Accra. This lodge which is currently one of my favourites is centrally located and the neighbourhood is very serene. ACCOMODATION: The lodge has a total ofContinue reading “Highbridge Guest Lodge – A Gem In The City”

Villa Teranga – A Worthwhile Staycation

Teranga is a Wolof word translated as “African hospitality” and Villa Teranga with its Morrocan Riad + West African family house architecture fusion, is the perfect staycation for the family. This Villa has high ceilings, rustic wooden doors ornated with Adinkra symbols, stunning chandeliers, and gorgeous flowers all over the villa adding the perfect touchContinue reading “Villa Teranga – A Worthwhile Staycation”

Aburi Eco Park – The Ideal City Escape

Aburi is famous for its mountainous views, and the newly built Aburi Eco Park, with its gorgeous 360 views, settled at an elevation of 400 meters ASL, is a fantastic city escape! The resort is located near Aburi Amanfo, a farming community that prides itself as the first settlers of Aburi. The drive out hereContinue reading “Aburi Eco Park – The Ideal City Escape”

Budget-Friendly Resorts in Ghana

There’s a long list of resorts and destinations to visit in Ghana on a reasonable budget, and these are my current favourites in no particular order. Meet Me There Lodge Meet Me There African Home located in Dzita in the Volta Region of Ghana offers a calm, relaxing, and eco-friendly experience. High standard of service,Continue reading “Budget-Friendly Resorts in Ghana”

A Budget Weekend In Lomé

I spent my birthday weekend in Lomé, Togo recently, and here’s a short blog of my stay! 😃 Firstly, Togo is visa-free for Ghanaians and you can get a direct flight to Lomé from kotoka. it’s cheaper to visit by road with a direct Intercity STC bus at approximately Ghc 200 round trip (when landContinue reading “A Budget Weekend In Lomé”

Ankobra Bridge Resort – A Western Escape

Going on a group tour, family getaway, or corporate retreats out west? This resort is perfect for you! The Ankobra Bridge Resort (Not the same as Ankobra Beach Resort) is a new family-owned budget-friendly resort. The resort is located in Ankobra, next to the Ankobra Bridge and overlooking the estuary where river Ankobra enters theContinue reading “Ankobra Bridge Resort – A Western Escape”

Yes, This Is In Africa

Usually, the number one reason for travelers to visit Africa is to embark on a safari or to climb Kilimanjaro. While Africa certainly does have some of the most prolific wildlife viewing opportunities and one of the seven summits, there are so many more reasons and several rare, unique travel destinations within Africa you shouldContinue reading “Yes, This Is In Africa”

“Almost Luxurious” Resorts In Ghana

If you found my last post Budget-Friendly Resorts in Ghana useful, then you will love this list of resorts and lodges in Ghana that are a tad bit luxurious. Although the ever-increasing threat of COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the travel industry worldwide, I believe now is still as good a time as ever toContinue reading ““Almost Luxurious” Resorts In Ghana”

Group Getaway Spots In Ghana

I wrote about Group Getaway Spots Outside Ghana last year, so here’s a list of homes in Ghana you and your squad can check out. Villa Teranga, Accra Villa Teranga with its Morrocan Riad + West African family house architecture fusion is the perfect staycation for the family. Located in Bortianor, a beach town inContinue reading “Group Getaway Spots In Ghana”

Shai Hills Camp – Day Trip

From the exotic animal farm to the nature hiking trails with stunning views and the luxury cabins, Shai Hills Reserve, also known as the Shai Hills Camp is entirely worth the visit! I love hiking. I love nature and adventure and a day trip to the Shai Hills Reserve gives you this and more. ShaiContinue reading “Shai Hills Camp – Day Trip”

TNT Beach House

Are you looking for the perfect beach house for your Day parties? Girls trip? Family vacation? I got you! TNT Beach House, also called TNT Chalet is located in Ada Foah, in the Greater Accra Region. This home is an excellent spot for you and the buddies. Accommodation This 4-bedroom en-suite beach house has aContinue reading “TNT Beach House”

Cape Coast Slave Castle

The days of the slave trade may be long gone, but there’s still something haunting about the castles and forts where slaves were held along our coast. The Cape Coast Castle functioned mostly during the height of the slave trade. The Central Region is home to several elite colleges and universities. Its economy is basedContinue reading “Cape Coast Slave Castle”

Helpful Apps For Women Travelers

Technology plays a part in our daily lives, and especially while you’re traveling. From booking flights and accommodation to checking the weather to using a calculator and converting currency. Apps on the market now can assist travelers in a variety of ways. Do you want to locate the ideal female travel companion? Do you needContinue reading “Helpful Apps For Women Travelers”

Group Getaway Spots Outside Ghana

I am all about solo travel but going on a vacation with the right travel clan can be a thrilling adventure! 💃🏾 Here’s a list of group getaway spots just outside Ghana you can visit with your friends. Nature Luxury Lodge, Ouidah Benin. The nature luxury lodge in Ouidah, Benin is perfect for a budget-friendlyContinue reading “Group Getaway Spots Outside Ghana”

Post Covid Travel Guide

As the world starts to open up again and air travel starts to pick up, a lot of people are wondering when the right time to travel is. I’ve personally been taking a very cautious approach and having traveled locally to the western region of Ghana recently, I want to share some tips for planningContinue reading “Post Covid Travel Guide”

23 photos to show why you should never visit Ghana

23 photos to show why you should never, ever, visit Ghana. 1. The sunsets aren’t worth watching 2. The beaches are awful   3. The tourist attractions will make you yawn 4. The wildlife is the same as everywhere else 5. Live sport isn’t entertaining at all 6. The waterfalls are tiny 7. Everyone is alwaysContinue reading “23 photos to show why you should never visit Ghana”

The Southernmost Part of Ghana – Cape 3 Points

Cape Three Points village (also known as ‘Atinkyin’) is at the southernmost tip of Ghana. On the map, you’ll see one tip, but when you climb the eighty-four-year-old lighthouse at the Cape, you’ll see something breathtaking! Cape Three Points Lighthouse marks the nearest land point to the earth’s center (0° latitude, 0° longitude) The villageContinue reading “The Southernmost Part of Ghana – Cape 3 Points”

Traveling Africa On An African Passport

For many years, European passport holders have been given the freedom to move around a majority of their continent without the hassle of arranging a visa beforehand. A similar luxury has been given to people from South American countries in regards to travel from country to country on their continent. So what about Africa? Let’sContinue reading “Traveling Africa On An African Passport”