Group Getaway Spots In Ghana

I wrote about Group Getaway Spots Outside Ghana last year, so here’s a list of homes in Ghana you and your squad can check out. TNT Chalet, Ada TNT Beach House also called TNT Chalet in Ada Foah is a wonderful spot for you and the squad. This 4 bedrooms en-suite beach house has aContinue reading “Group Getaway Spots In Ghana”

Budget-Friendly Resorts in Ghana

There’s a long list of resorts and destinations to visit in Ghana on a reasonable budget and these are my current favorites. Meet Me There Lodge Meet Me There African Home sits between the villages of Dzita and Dzita-Abledomi on the stunning coast of the Volta Region, Ghana. They offer a calm, relaxing, and eco-friendlyContinue reading “Budget-Friendly Resorts in Ghana”

Cape Coast Slave Castle

The days of the slave trade may be long gone, but there’s still something haunting about the castles and forts where slaves were held along our coast. The Cape Coast Castle functioned mostly during the height of the slave trade. The Central Region is home to several elite colleges and universities. Its economy is basedContinue reading “Cape Coast Slave Castle”

Ghana’s Independence

Ghana is a beautiful historical travel destination on the African Continent with a long stable democracy, a healthy economy, extremely hospitable people, fine weather, budget-friendly, and peace. In celebration of our independence yearly, the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, The Independence Arc, and the Black Star Gate are some of the relevant sites you should knowContinue reading “Ghana’s Independence”

Helpful Apps For Women Travelers

Technology plays a part in our daily lives, and especially while you’re traveling. From booking flights and accommodation to checking the weather to using a calculator and converting currency. Now, apps on the market can help travelers in so many other ways. Want to find the perfect female travel partner? Need to find a bathroomContinue reading “Helpful Apps For Women Travelers”

A Slice of Northern Ghana

Delicious food, exciting new experiences, a historic mosque, and spending an afternoon watching elephants play in the mud; are enough reasons to go on an adventure in the north! On this 3 day adventure, we spent day 1 traveling to Tamale, days 2 and 3 exploring the region whilst enjoying the nightlife in Tamale. OnContinue reading “A Slice of Northern Ghana”

Fun Things To Do In Accra On A Budget

Here are a few interesting activities to do in Accra, that don’t involve drinking or eating. 1. Accra Day Tour New in the city? Book this day tour & experience all things Accra + several unlisted hidden gems with me at Ewm Tours Itinerary Includes: Black Star Square, Black Star Gate, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial ParkContinue reading “Fun Things To Do In Accra On A Budget”

The TNT Experience

Looking for the perfect beach house this holiday season on a budget? Day parties? Weekend with the girls? Family vacation? Girls Trip? I got you! TNT Beach House also called TNT Chalet in Ada Foah is an excellent spot for you and the squad! This 4 bedrooms en-suite beach house has a big air-conditioned livingContinue reading “The TNT Experience”

23 photos to show why you should never visit Ghana

23 photos to show why you should never, ever, visit Ghana. 1. The sunsets aren’t worth watching 2. The beaches are awful   3. The tourist attractions will make you yawn 4. The wildlife is the same as everywhere else 5. Live sport isn’t entertaining at all 6. The waterfalls are tiny 7. Everyone is alwaysContinue reading “23 photos to show why you should never visit Ghana”