Road Trip To Ouagadougou

I have always wanted to go on another Accra – Ouagadougou road trip as I didn’t document my first road trip years ago. And, although the ongoing security issues in Burkina Faso make it less appealing to tourists, I took the trip anyway. (I know 😅)

Now, Let’s start from Accra.

I booked my ticket via phone with Intercity STC a day before this trip which is completely unlike me. I am usually a meticulous planner, but I only had 1 week free in December so I took a chance.

Luckily, STC had seats available and all I needed was my passport or Ghana Card to complete the booking.

I was made to send a copy of my ID card via WhatsApp & the entire process lasted just 5 mins. The ticket was Ghc 380 one way and FCFA 21,000 on the return trip.

Intercity STC coaches

List Of Documents Needed For This Trip;

  • Passport or Ghana Card
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Card
  • Covid Vaccination Card &
  • “Something for the boys” 🌚 (The Ghanaians get it)

The trip takes approximately 24hr and this includes multiple stops + border checks. STC buses are comfortable but, It is easier to fly if you have $300+ for the ticket. Traveling West Africa is ridiculously expensive but let’s not delve into that today.

On arrival in Ouagadougou, I felt like I was still in Northern Ghana, the heat, dryness, motorcycles everywhere, and, the dusty atmosphere felt familiar. The distinct thing about the city however is the architecture. Little to no highrise buildings, and lots of clay-designed homes. I loved it.

Accommodation One

I stayed at this cool villa called Sougri Doogo located in Loumbila, 30 mins outside Ouagadougou for a few Nights.

Full review of Sougri Doogo HERE

Accommodation Two

I switched to this equally cool budget villa called “Villa Tenko” at the center of Ouagadougou on the third night.

I particularly loved meeting other solo travelers at this villa and the food here was comparably good! 😍

Click here to book this villa


I unfortunately restricted my tours to Ouagadougou only for safety.

I visited;

  1. The National Museum
  2. Thomas Sankara Memorial Site
  3. Heroes Monument
  4. National Cathedral

I wasn’t charged at any of the sites, each one seemed deserted which is not entirely surprising after the country experienced 2 separate coups in 2022 alone.

Most of the country is claimed to be unsafe by advisories which was a bummer because I wanted to revisit the Grand Mosque in Bobo Dualaso, the 2nd largest city in Burkina Faso and the live music capital of the country.

I had also made plans to visit the Cascades de Karfiguéla or Banfora Cascades but I couldn’t find any guide or agency offering the tour 😥


You can do this road trip with a budget of Ghc 3,000 (Approximately FCFA 160,000)

This includes return bus tickets, hotels, taxis, food, and souvenirs.

I stayed for 3 nights only, I didn’t do my usual bar crawls 😂, and no fancy restaurants. I moved around with shared taxis after day one assisted by my Airbnb host, and I hired a local guide just for a day to do city tours.

FCFA 4,000 (Approx Ghc 60)

Tips & More

– You must speak and/or understand French. Everything is written in french & everyone speaks it 🤧

– Buy your return bus ticket on arrival to avoid the hustle.

– Ask your hotel for a local guide if you plan to tour.

– You have to pay cash everywhere, EVERYWHERE

Is this trip worth it? For me as an experienced traveler and writer, yes. But for anyone looking for a vacation, Ouagadougou isn’t worth visiting for tourism purposes right now.

Thinking of going on this road trip regardless but unsure? Shoot me a Dm via Instagram or Twitter and I will be happy to answer your questions.

As always, Happy travels!

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