Staycation At Ahanta Eco Lodge

So, I finally decided to check out Ahanta Eco Lodge as it is one of the popular eco-lodges in the country and I needed a little vacation after a hectic December.

Room 7 Balcony

Getting Here

The eco-lodge is approximately 2hrs from Takoradi factoring in the bad road and it is easy to find on google maps when driving.

If you are traveling by public transport, however, I got you — Travel to Takoradi via STC at Ghc 80, join an Agona trotro for Ghc 10 at the Agona Nkwanta Station in Takoradi, and then join a Busua loading taxi in Agona at Ghc 9. Ask the driver to drop you off at the lodge for an extra Ghc 10.

The lodge can also arrange a taxi for you from Takoradi at Ghc 250 I way. Expensive but convenient. The road coming in from Takoradi isn’t great as mentioned above and the bridge to all the lodges on the stretch is practically a death trap, but the local taxi drivers know how to maneuver it 🥲😧

If you aren’t driving and you don’t have luggage, you can walk to the lodge using the beach crossing a shallow lagoon in front of the lodge on foot. I used this route after day 1.

The bridge connecting the town to the lodges

Check out the video of this Lodge Here


I booked Room 7 as seen on their Instagram highlights at Ghc 600 a night. My room was en-suite, air-conditioned + with a ceiling fan, a double bed, a cupboard, hangers, charging sockets everywhere, indoor plants, and a spacious bathroom.

I particularly loved the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the plantain farm and the balcony. It was so quiet you can hear a pin drop!

They have dorm rooms, family rooms, and budget rooms ranging from Ghc 400 – Ghc 1,400. The booking process was smooth and they are very responsive online on WhatsApp and Instagram.

Food & More

I ate out on day one at Okore tree restaurant on the beach, just a 5-minute walk away from the lodge because the kitchen at Ahanta Eco Lodge couldn’t make me lunch due to no groceries, puzzling.

The food at Okore tree restaurant was alright, say 7/10 and I got to watch the surfers on the beach do their thing. Breakfast at the lodge the next morning was fine and dinner later that night was excellent.

The accommodation comes with a complimentary breakfast, and dinner ranges from Ghc 35 – 100

The cocktail at the eco-lodge is popular for its assortment of flavored akpeteshie (local gin) brewed by their barman. It was fascinating to see flavors like mango pepper, coconut, and garlic akpeteshie 😂 You can order online at

Activities & More

Ahanta Eco Lodge has a prominent surf school that operates all year round. Busua beach where the lodge is located also has multiple lodges, other surf schools, cafes, restaurants & bars spread across the beach you can hang at.

I had lunch at Busua Beach Resort (10 minutes away from the lodge) on the 2nd day. The cocktail was great, the pizza was tasty and you can swim at the pool at Busua Beach Resort for Ghc 40. And although the pool needs renovation, badly, the surroundings are tranquil.

Indoors & Outdoors

A few shots from the Ahanta Eco Lodge…..

Finally, the beach was a little crowded with surfers during my 3-day stay (I thought surfing was seasonal 🥲) so, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for an intimate getaway. Otherwise, this destination is perfect for swimming, surfing, partying, and connecting with other travelers.

Some of the lodges on this beach include; Scorpion Lodge, Laughing Goat, Busua inn, & Busua Beach Resort.

Fort Metal Cross In Dixcove is also a 15minute walk from here.

I will recommend the Ahanta Eco Lodge mostly for the lodging and its surf school. Overall service could be improved. Also, I reckon it will be much more fun to visit with a group so you can party and beach hop so I am definitely coming back!

Book the lodge via 026 919 7812 and visit

As always, happy travels!

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