Meet Me There African Home Lodge – The Best Eco Lodge In Ghana

Need a Solo Staycation? Honeymoon on a budget? Then Meet Me There African Home Lodge which is currently my favorite eco-friendly lodge in Ghana, is perfect!

The Chief Suite


If you are driving, the resort is easy to find on Google maps.
Set your destination to Meet Me There African Home, Dzita. Travel hrs from Accra is roughly 4hrs with traffic. The road is in good shape!

Public Transportation

If you are travelling via public transportation, join a KETA from Madina bus station Or Tudu bus station in Accra, The fare is approx Ghc 50 per head.

Alight at SAVIETULA & join a shared taxi to Meet Me There at Ghc 5 per head. The drivers know the resort heartedly.
MMT also arranges pick-ups from Accra at Ghc 400 one way.


The accommodation currently ranges from Ghc 250 – Ghc 460 and it is not Bed & Breakfast.

I stayed in the Sunset Suite at Ghc 460 per night for this trip. Loved ittt!
It came with a private balcony and a lagoon view, it was especially cosy & airy. An easy 10/10


No complaints about the food. I had local dishes throughout my stay and everything was perfect.
Menu ranges from Ghc 30 – 60 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Drinks are regular-priced, and the cocktails are great!

– Swimming – is allowed in the lagoon but not in the ocean due to high tides.
– Canoe riding, Card & Board games, Tennis and Volleyball.
– Spa Services are available in various packages starting at Ghc 150
– Boat tours on the Volta River – Ghc 300 (fee ÷ by No of persons)
– Trip to Fort Prinzenstein in Keta at Ghc approximately Ghc 120 round trip.


Meet Me There has a gift shop that stocks 100% local products. My favorite is the handmade black soaps and oils.

MMT donates it’s profit to their NGO called Dream Big Ghana. The NGO runs sustainable community-led programs in the community the resort is located and it’s environs. That coupled with their excellent service and super clean beach is why I love them.

Mtn & Vodafone internet works here, albeit slowly.
No wifi
No AC’s
Zero Plastic

Spend an entire weekend here with Ghc 1,000 budget excluding fuel & the tours they offer.

Visit when you need to completely unplug, it’s 100% worth the trip!

Watch the video HERE

MMT is ALWAYS BOOKED understandably 💁🏾‍♀️
Book weeks ahead and be open to weekday options.
Bookings & further inquiries strictly via their website

Did I mention sunsets hit different out here?
Check more photos and videos on my Instagram @NomadicMaajoa

Happy travels!

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