Fun Things To Do In Accra On A Budget

New in the city? Here are a few interesting activities to do in Accra on a budget. Before you proceed to the fun activities, Click here for a detailed technology guide by TechNova Accra Day Tour Looking to explore the city? Book this day tour & experience all things Accra + several unlisted hidden gemsContinue reading “Fun Things To Do In Accra On A Budget”

Budget-Friendly Resorts in Ghana

There’s a long list of resorts and destinations to visit in Ghana on a reasonable budget, and these are my current favourites in no particular order. Meet Me There Lodge Meet Me There African Home located in Dzita in the Volta Region of Ghana offers a calm, relaxing, and eco-friendly experience. High standard of service,Continue reading “Budget-Friendly Resorts in Ghana”

Shai Hills Camp – Day Trip

From the exotic animal farm to the nature hiking trails with stunning views and the luxury cabins, Shai Hills Reserve, also known as the Shai Hills Camp is entirely worth the visit! I love hiking. I love nature and adventure and a day trip to the Shai Hills Reserve gives you this and more. ShaiContinue reading “Shai Hills Camp – Day Trip”

Cape Coast Slave Castle

The days of the slave trade may be long gone, but there’s still something haunting about the castles and forts where slaves were held along our coast. The Cape Coast Castle functioned mostly during the height of the slave trade. The Central Region is home to several elite colleges and universities. Its economy is basedContinue reading “Cape Coast Slave Castle”