Shai Hills Camp – Day Trip

From the exotic animal farm to the nature hiking trails with stunning views and the luxury cabins, Shai Hills Reserve, also known as the Shai Hills Camp is entirely worth the visit!

I love hiking. I love nature and adventure and a day trip to the Shai Hills Reserve gives you this and more.

Shai Hills Reserve is about an hour’s drive from Accra if you don’t meet any traffic. Some of the favorite activities at the camp include bird watching, rock climbing and, hiking to sites like Mogo Hills, Sayu Cave, etc.

For as little as Ghc 25 entry fee, one can enjoy an hour worth of hiking and sightseeing here at Shai Hills Reserve.

I started my tour by visiting the animal farm where I saw Zebras for the first time! The ostriches at the farm were magnificent too. The next stop was the museum which had a rich variety of historic artifacts donated by various wildlife parks across the country.


The Mogo Hill hike was my favorite part of the tour; the view from the top is a stunning 360 view of the entire camp and views of the famous Krobo Hills as a bonus. The tour guides are knowledgeable, professional, and friendly, my guide shared a lot of relevant experiences and information about all the sites at the camp with me.

Mogo Hills

The camp doesn’t have any form of transportation to the starting points of the various hiking trails. However, it could be a fun 30 minutes hike if you are up for it or traveling in a group.
The distance from the camp’s reception to the foot of the Mogo Hills for example is 7km. Easier to visit the camp solo only if you are driving.

There is no restaurant on-site at the camp. If you plan to stay longer, pack meals and snacks or, order from the nearest restaurant with the help of the reception.
There is, however, a bar with a variety of locally brewed drinks. I enjoyed a fresh calabash of palm wine after my hike.

Accommodation at Shai Hills Camp is the famous luxury tents. These tents should be at the top of everyone’s must-do list, it unsurprisingly gets booked quickly, and you have to book weeks ahead.

Shai Hills Camp is kid-friendly, family-friendly, and ideal for picnics and group hangouts.
Contact the camp via 0302984187, easy to find on Google maps.

Pro Tip: To make it a fun budget-friendly weekend trip, spend a maximum of 3 hours at shai hills camp and then drive to Akosombo and spend the rest of the weekend at Aylos Bay. Also, Bay has budget-friendly riverside rooms with a bar overlooking the Adomi Bridge.

Watch the Aylos Bay vlog here

Happy travels!

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