A Slice Of Volta Ghana

Remind me again why we live in the city?

Because our countryside is amazing! 😍


My adventurous soul landed me at the serene mountain paradise lodge in Biakpa on day two of my backpacking adventures in Volta Ghana.

I spent the first day exploring the capital city Ho.

The Mountain Paradise Lodge is famous for its views, and it is kinda affordable too.

Accommodation at the lodge varies from a queen-size bed with air-conditioning, TV, and water heater priced at a Ghc 250, to affordable options for budget travelers ranging between Ghc 100 for a decent double bed with a private bath and dormitories for Ghc 50.

The menu at the restaurant is broad, the food here is freshly made and good. Food is priced between Ghc 10 – 40 per plate.

They have a well-stocked rooftop bar with a scenic view of Mountain Gemi!

There is a waterfall down the valley near the lodge but I didn’t check it out this time, be sure to check it out when you visit!

Mountain Paradise Lodge is available to book via Airbnb, Trip Advisor, Expedia and it has great Google reviews.

Manager Tony is very resourceful. Contact him via 0208137086.
Mountain Paradise is a smart option for anyone looking to escape the noisy city for a few days.

My next stop was Amedzofe.

Amezofe & Mount Gemi

Biakpa, where the lodge is located, is just a few kilometers from Amezofe.

Amedzofe’s claim to fame is that, at 750m altitude, it is Ghana’s highest human settlement.

The drive to the town through the stunning Avatime Hills is scenic and tortuous; it almost comes as a surprise when Amedzofe suddenly appears around a bend.

Mount Gemi is worth the hike.

The peak of the mountain is a short climb from town, and very easy to climb.

At the very peak of the mountain is a tall cross made of iron erected by the Germans with a fascinating history.

The view from the top is stunning!

After Mount Gemi, I took a quick detour to the OTE Waterfalls also located in Amezofe.

The nature trail to the ote waterfall is steep and sloppy, visiting it with a tour guide is the safest option.

Speak to the Amezofe tourist center about visiting the waterfall. They charge between Ghc 20-30 per head for a Guided Tour.

Next, I headed out to Hohoe, Wli, and Afadjato.

Hohoe, Afadjato & Wli

When I arrived in Hohoe, I briefly checked out the town and left to the Wli Water Height Hotel located in Wli Apagame about 15 minutes drive from Hohoe.

After a great meal on arrival, a tour guide was introduced to me upon request and we immediately left to climb Afadjato.

The climb up Afadjato was tough. I did it in about 2 hours with a lot of necessary breaks.

I did it at my own pace and that helped.

The climb was painful, but I proudly made it to the top!!

Pro Tip:

Climb Afadjato early in the morning or just before sundown for the best experience.

Descending is equally tricky but painless.

Wli Waterfalls

I hiked to the Wli Waterfalls the next day after breakfast. Wli waterfall was the final attraction on my to-do list.

The hike to Wli Waterfall was easier, and the waterfall is simply majestic!!

The Wli waterfall is the tallest in West Africa.

There is the upper fall which is a longer trail but I did the lower fall with the nature trail.

The Wli Water Height Hotel located about 5mins away from the entrance of the waterfall is your safest bet to getting the necessary information for both Afadjato and the Wli waterfall especially if you are new to the region.

Accommodation at the Wli hotel is priced between Ghc 95 to 200 with various facilities including air-conditioning, hot water, and breakfast.

This hotel can also be booked via all booking platforms as well.

The manager and the entire staff were very helpful.

Contact the manager on 0209119152

The restaurant at the hotel serves great meals, reasonably priced and they have buffet options for large groups.

I enjoyed my stay at this hotel, rooms were clean, the environment was serene.

The highlight of my stay was meeting fellow solo backpackers from different countries, connecting, and sharing experiences.

Now, let me tell you how I made all this happen on a budget.


My overall budget for this trip was Ghc 1,200 for a week-long trip, but, I spent less than the budgeted amount by the end of my trip.


I used public transportation to most of the locations, I did a bit of walking where necessary and had great conversations with locals whilst exploring.


I stayed at budget hotels and AirBnB’s throughout the trip.

I did a lot of research and read several reviews online to ensure these places were safe.


I used tour guides only where necessary.

The tour guide David who assisted me to climb Afadjato can be reached on 055 389 9256

Tell him “Bernice from Accra” recommended him.

David is funny, helpful, and knowledgeable of the region.
Pay him fairly, please! 😇


Pack a lot of snacks, it helps to save on meals.

Booking accommodation that offers breakfast; also helps.


Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, pick a town/city at a time and be sure to enjoy it to the fullest.

-Pack light, it saves you the stress!

-Travel is very liberating, I have visited all the regions in the country over the past two years in bits and it feels great!

-Solo traveling is not that scary, it can be challenging at times, but inspiring!.

Happy travels!!

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29 thoughts on “A Slice Of Volta Ghana

  1. Thank you
    I love the whole scenario you just nicely put up. It’s very helpful and exciting as if I was there throughout the journey. Thanks soo much. Have been to Hohoe the mountains in a distance but it’s time I prepare to climb one of this holidays. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you
    I love the whole scenario you just nicely put up. It’s very helpful and exciting as if I was there throughout the journey. Thanks soo much. Have been to Hohoe the mountains in a distance but it’s time I prepare to climb one of this holidays. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Maajoa just did an excellent job by bringing vivid narrative to the door step of travel junkies all over the world. I have been to top of Mountain Afadjato and trust me, it was such very herculian task facing the 800 metres plus altitude. Maajoa gave detailed information on expenses,which I think will help many travellers make decisions. You just made me relish the memories of Afadjato once more. ❤😊😊😇😇

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