Traveling Safely As A Woman

When you travel alone especially as a woman, there are thousands of people that will tell you thousands of reasons why it’s unsafe to travel by yourself. I’ve heard plenty!

They will also tell you why they will not do it themselves.

In the last few years, I’ve traveled solo plenty of times and I am currently hooked on it. And although I have traveled with others, I find solo travels so much more intense, and perhaps more intimate.

“Every woman should travel solo and far from home once in their lifetime”


However, solo traveling as a woman comes with its challenges. I haven’t been in an unsafe situation and haven’t encountered many situations where I doubted the sincereness of the person in front of me but, I have picked up a few safety procedures that can you travel safely as a woman.

1. Keep friends and family updated.

I usually update the people closest to me about my travels, where I am, what I will do that day or what my plans are for the upcoming days. Makes me feel safer and makes it easier to track you if there is an issue.

2. Keep the partying to a minimum.

On your solo travels, inasmuch as you need to have fun, keep the partying and drinking to a minimum.

Most of the time you will be in places where you may not belong as a tourist, half the time, even in tourist destinations another tourist can take advantage of the situation. Always stay alert.

3. Research and Plan

I’m the queen of researching tourist information and creating itineraries and I plan everything to the latter.

Before you visit any country or tourist attraction, research!

Is it safe for women travelers? Is it safe for black women? Unfortunately, you might need to know the answers to these questions.

Check your flight arrivals and ensure your accommodation is safe to get to at any time in the day. Book hotels and Airbnb with the safest reviews.

Best be safe than sorry!

4. Trust Your Guts

When you talk to someone, or when you’re in a place and you don’t feel good about it, trust your guts!!

Your instinct is the best way to scale the situation to its purpose. It is not a bad thing to reject someone or something because you have doubts about the honesty or goodwill of a stranger.

You might have the feeling of missing out on something, that it might be that one shot? Or the same thing will costs you double… So what?? Safety first!!

5. Stick to popular attractions

To increase your safety, make sure you stick to busy touristic areas, with other tourists’ and guides’ insight. Book local guides who know the area and its customs best if you can afford to and always ask seasoned travelers for help where necessary. Although this might not be preferable, it’s safer.

Happy travels, stay safe!

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