The Southernmost Part of Ghana – Cape 3 Points

Cape Three Points village (also known as ‘Atinkyin’) is at the southernmost tip of Ghana. On the map, you’ll see one tip, but when you climb the eighty-four-year-old lighthouse at the Cape, you’ll see something breathtaking!

Cape Three Points Lighthouse marks the nearest land point to the earth’s center (0° latitude, 0° longitude)

The village of Cape Three Points is equally the southernmost community in Ghana, and it’s beach is one of the most beautiful along Ghana’s West Coast.

Surrounded by Ghana’s only coastal rainforest reserve and many rolling hills, the village also has a few secondary attractions, such as relaxation, beach and sea activities, hiking, and exploration of its cultural present and colonial past.

The solar-powered 1925 lighthouse was constructed in 1875 by the British as a navigational aid for trading vessels sailing through the Gulf of Guinea.

The original structure has since become a ruin; however, a larger and improved lighthouse was completed in 1925 and is still functioning today.

On the compound, you will find the remains of the old 1875 lighthouse situated at the southern point of the peninsula.

This old lighthouse is a fantastic place to admire the landscape, and even catch a glimpse of the whales (August-February), and dolphins (July-November) that use this sea route during their migration.

The lighthouse has breathtaking panoramic views!

The drive to Cape Three Points takes visitors through several rural communities, oil palm plantations, and an extensive rubber plantation that was originally planted by Ghana’s first president, some fifty years ago.

You will view at first hand how fresh rubber is collected from the rubber trees, before being part-processed in Ghana and shipped to Europe.

The road going in isn’t great. It almost discourages you on your first attempt but the destination is worth the trip.

Between the views of crop farms and rubber plantations, you might have a bit of luck and run into a group of monkeys. If not, you will still be able to see a wide variety of trees, birds, and butterflies that inhabit this area.

Don’t miss a walk down to the shore, where you will witness the life of fishermen as they maintain fishing nets, push wooden canoes in and out of the water, and play games as they wait for the right fishing conditions.

The residents of Cape Three Points are welcoming, but you will not find many facilities here. There are two very basic bars in the village, but no formal restaurants or accommodation options.

By far the most people who visit Cape Three Points Village stay at the nearby Escape3Points Ecolodge, which is located 20 minutes walk along the beach from the village.

Happy travels!

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