Helpful Apps For Women Travelers

Technology plays a part in our daily lives, and especially while you’re traveling. From booking flights and accommodation to checking the weather to using a calculator and converting currency.

Apps on the market now can assist travelers in a variety of ways. Do you want to locate the ideal female travel companion? Do you need to find a bathroom in a strange city as soon as possible? It’s all taken care of.

I’ve compiled my favorite apps for women travelers that you should try on your next trip!


Tourlina is a women-only app that connects fellow travelers wherever they are around the globe. Simply enter your trip and discover a travel companion with mutual interests and trip plans.

You can start to chat, plan your trip together, and voila! You’re on the road with a new friend, possibly one you’ll have made for life.

It’s not a dating app–the emphasis is on friendship.

It can be hard to find a travel partner that has the means, the free time, the interests, and the destination in sync with your own.

Tourlina cuts straight through by connecting you with like-minded travelers, and they screen each and every new user so that your safety comes first.


Packpoint is a female traveler’s dream come true. This packing-list generator uses your information to customize a packing checklist for your destination.

Tell the app your gender, where you’re going, the time of year, and any activities you have planned, and it will create suggestions for clothing, essentials, and gear you should take along.

For those app aficionados out there, the best feature is that it can sync with TripIt app to obtain personal info and your itinerary!

Safety Map Worldwide

Safety Map Worldwide features maps around the world that will recommend the safest routes, advise you on the best district to travel or stay in, and guide you away from high-crime areas.

Sometimes when your traveling, you don’t always know exactly the best place to stay in a new city- this will solve your problems.

You can document your experiences in safe (hopefully not unsafe) areas to help other travelers navigate as well!

I hope these apps makes your traveling easier. Happy travels!

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