5 Essential Travel Tips

Getting out there soon? Here are 5 essential travel tips you should know.

Axim Beach Resort

1. Locals are your best guide. Nothing the internet will tell you about a destination will ever beat the local’s knowledge.

2. Attempt to learn a few words of the language every place you go. It’s a sign of respect. Has saved me more times than I can count and blessed me with instant friends in many places.

3. Leave unplanned gaps in your itinerary to allow yourself to take advantage of things you can discover once you’re at your destination.

4. Pack light and efficiently. Only pack what you can carry yourself. Saves you a lot of time.

5. As much as possible minimize your expectations, you’ll be disappointed if the sights and activities don’t match it. Look at everything with an adventurous eye.


Budget twice as much money. It’s better to have excess than to get stranded far from home.

Stay closer to the city or town center, it’s easier and safer. You will likely end up paying what you saved by staying far away from the city in transportation costs anyway.

Happy travels!

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